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Jeff Schneider


Born in Boise Idaho to Joan Schneider a school teacher and Paul J. Schneider a radio and television personality Jeff spent his early years with interest in sports and drama. Once he graduated high school he joined Jack Davis Premiere Shows a circus and performing arts troop traveling for several years all over the United States doing pole climbing, hoop diving, juggling, hypnotism, sword fighting and other arena and outdoor entertainment.

It was during this time that his mentor and friend Jack Davis would teach him how to promote and produce outdoor events. From 1991 to 2005 he would hone these skills during these years Jeff performed in over 400 shows across the country.

Since 2005 he has endeavored to learn more about the craft of film making working on over 30 projects including over a dozen feature films. In 2011 Jeff formed MaSch productions with Abel Martinez Jr. and WJD Films with his close friends from Jack Davis premiere shows and JADA Entertainment.


Bringing the skills and experience to develop and create projects start to finish without breaking the bank. 


has a great way of creating breathtaking looks on a budget. Can add digital looks, extensions, and other VFX to give a small budget film a big budget feel.

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