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William Jack Davis


August 2 1944  -  May 10 2007

    Who is WJD? William Jack Davis was and is the single most influential person in all of our lives. WJD Films represents the continued showmanship and spirit of our friend Jack. He taught us how to live , love and respect those around us. He taught us what it means to be a good person and above all he taught us how our belief in God and belief in one another could make any goal obtainable. In his more than 50yrs of showmanship he owned a variety of shows and productions from carnivals to circuses to magic shows and decorating businesses from his work with Walt Disney in his early years to his Doctorate in Naturopathic medicine he was indeed a "Jack" of all trades.

    In all the years of knowing Jack he always saw the good in people and always believed in second chances. Continuing the businesses he forged from his blood, sweat, and tears is an priviledge for us, and we will continue to honor him with our ongoing efforts in film as well as other artistic ventures.

   We do this because that is how Jack would have wanted it.  For all of the gifts he gave us, being able to contribute to the arts in his memory is the best way for his memory to live on.

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